Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September 11th Saturday: Last day of drugs

Here we are starting her last round of drugs for this protocol. Yahoo! So we are still doing the baths every six hours around the clock for another day... but then we will be done with that too!

Things are finishing up; we are seeing an end in sight. It’s hard not knowing when the end actually is.... will we ever feel like it’s over? We do not have a definite single day or event that we are working towards, it’s hard to not have a goal. The drugs are done though.

The next little while will hopefully go as smoothly as the last rounds did. We will wait for her to recover from the chemo, once this “round” is over we will go back for an MRI and if that shows nothing they will schedule a surgery for her central line removal. That could take a day or a month to get her in judging by the mixed messages we have heard. Once her line is out that will be a big relief that that part of our journey is over. We will be able to play without caution and concern, baths will not be such a procedure, and swimming will be an option.

MMmmm, warm blankets to dry off with... It will be hard to go back to plain ol' towels!

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