Monday, September 20, 2010

Sept 9th Time at Home and Starting Round 6

Well our time at home went way too fast. I spent most of the time unpacking, and by the time everything was finally unpacked it was time to start packing to head back up to Calgary. All those 12 Rubbermaid tubs that we hurriedly packed up got stuffed into the laundry room so it was out of sight. That left a very cramped spot to try and sort things out. It was going ok until I went to do some laundry and found the dryer was broken. Then we had to unload all the tubs into the bathroom to get out the dryer to take it to see about a repair. Alas a 15-20 year old dryer is not worth fixing up... so we went on the hunt for a new dryer. Just what we wanted to do on our visit home! Oh well we found a deal on a second hand set that was only a year old so hopefully there will be no problems with them anytime soon! Then I had to rip my laundry room right apart to get the new unit in. Sigh, next time we are home though the laundry is going to almost wash itself!

The weather was not particularly nice so that made it a bit easier on us since Charlotte could not be in sunlight. We took her and Yolanda out to see Great Grandma Slee. We all enjoyed lunch and a “tea party” as Yolanda calls it, at my Aunt and Uncles, in honour of Grandmas 91st birthday. I was disappointed that I had forgotten to take my camera along.

We were back up to Calgary on the 9th. Charlotte had an audiology test in the morning, which showed slightly more loss in the high range hearing. We are still in a good range we were told and she is still a ways off from needing a hearing aid. Things are looking hopeful that she might win that battle. After that we had blood counts taken in Clinic. Her counts were just borderline ready to start the next round of chemo, so she was admitted to get things started. A night of prehydration... to get her little system flowing so that the drugs are flushed out as fast as possible. As if that makes any sense.
Two days of drugs... and the 6 hour baths started again too. The drugs went in fairly uneventfully so that was good.

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