Saturday, August 22, 2009

Spring and Summer Picutres

Time for a couple of new pictures!
Here are my favourite ones from the spring.

These next ones are from Charlotte birthday in July...
Some of her first steps that we caught on camera. Now, just a month later she is pretty much walking full time. And better at it than her sister... poor Yolanda has her mothers balance, Charlotte definatly is taking after her daddy! Yesterday Yolanda went running down the hall, tripped on the rug, tumbled and rolled and ended up in a crying heap...then Charlotte calmly walks past (the entire length of the hall) and turns around as if to say "Ive only been walking for a week, whats your problem!" Then she walked all the way back while I was still kissing Yolandas knees better.
Opening presents, all Charlotte was really interested in were the hangers...Yolanda swooped in and got started on all the new books! Another cue that Yolanda takes after me, she could read her books all day long, (and often does) she curls up on her stuffed elephant in the closet and reads for hours. Charlotte on the other hand literly can not sit still for even the 4 page baby cardboard books. She just has no interest, I try to make a point to read with her each day but she squirms off by the 2nd page and leaves me reading Piggies (by Don and Audry Wood) for the upteenth time with Yolanda. BTW this is a great book, the artwork is AMAZING.