Monday, September 13, 2010

July 28th: Fun at RMcD House

Back to July 28th: Yolanda is up just after Charlotte’s birthday
Charlotte has gotten a couple of donations from young kids (with heart warming stories to go with them) so we wanted to buy something that would be totally fun and that we could share with all the kids at RMcD house. A bubble maker was just what we needed!

....I hoping that one day I will have time to go come back and add in what those stories were but for now I will leave it at that.....

We had a couple of really nice evenings with lots of little ones around to play with. I think everyone had fun.
Here are Charlotte and Kaydee checking things out.
I think Chloe had the most fun popping the bubbles out of everyone... she stayed so focused!
Reese and Yolanda are investigating why the bubbles were slowing down... need more soap mom! 
Adorable Chloe!
I really wanted to take a "Birthday" picture for Charlotte’s album; I am trying to get one with sisters together each year. This year was a little different since we never really had a big party; everything was spread out over the week. So the day we got to go into the MAGIC room I tried to get them ready for picture taking....
I’m not sure if I should be posting pictures of inside the magic room, I would hate to spoil it for any other kids (or parents) who have not been in yet. BUT it’s just so cool that I can’t help it, I will just post two for now.
This is in through the first door. The most amazing murals in here!
Then the throne is in the second little room, princess Charlotte didnt really want to sit around a pose and princess Yolanda would not cooperate at all. So much for my sister picutres! Oh well, later on that afternoon I snapped this cute one of them on the couch downstairs

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