Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No Kisses!

Just goofing around with her daddy. To get Charlotte to give kisses we have to play a little reverse psychology... "Noooo, no kisses, no kisses, dont even think about it!" and then "Ewww kisses!" Here are a couple of cute picutres of her going in for some kisses. You can almost see the twinkle in her eye.
Little cardboard puke trays... if you are not busy throwing up in them they are great for holding crayons, or good for hats, or shoes in a pinch too!

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  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    The 'kisses' pictures are soooo cute! Expecially Charlotte squishing her Dad's face! hehe Love you guys so much! Call or text if I can help you with anything! Lisbeth :)