Monday, September 20, 2010

August 27th Clinic... and Sent Home!

This was a very busy day! We had a clinic check up in the morning, we were expecting that Charlotte would need blood. What we were not expecting was that once her transfusion was done we would be sent home (like home, home!) That’s what we say because RMcD is where we go when “they” send us “home.” But when they said home with a pause we said “like home home!?” Blink blink blink. Yes like home home. Yahooeee.... oh wait that had some major implications. This would be the longest stay at home that we have had in the last 6 months, we would have to (for the first time) pack up and clean out our RMcD house room. Ugh. Plus Yolanda is staying with us here, so we have her “helping” pack. Charlotte ended up needing blood and platelets so that tied Rob up at the hospital until 3 or so.
Rather than organizing that night and clearing out the next morning; my husband, the patient fellow that he is wanted us packed up, cleaned out and on the road by that evening. So Yolanda and I ran out to pick up some Rubbermaid tubs to put our stuff in... We have definitely accumulated a lot of stuff here! We packed and packed and packed... once Rob and Charlotte were out of the hospital we sent them out to pick up another couple of tubs so we could pack some more. We cleaned our room and were on the road by 6:30... no longer talking to each other. Our truck was loaded, 12 tubs and 2 suitcases in the back plus the cab was stuffed so much that I held a pile of stuff on my lap all the way home. A quick stop at the drive thru for supper helped boost everyone’s spirits- probably mostly mine as I had not eaten since breakfast. The ride home was good once the girls fell asleep and we were home around 10:30. Rob has since promised that we will not have to do that again. But all in all we got to be home for almost two weeks!

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