Monday, September 20, 2010

August 19th Build a Bear

We were discharged just in time to join everyone at RMcD house for a trip to Build a Bear. What a fun morning out that was. The Kinsmen hosted a fun trip out for all the kids (and their parents.) Build a Bear opened their doors early before the mall opened so the store could be clean and free of germs for our immunosuppressed kids. That meant an early start! RMcD arranged for two limos to come and pick us up, Tim Horton’s doughnuts were waiting inside for the kids... and plenty of coffee for the parents. Yolanda was so excited that there were no car seats and seatbelts, plus there was a purple doughnut in the box! Oh La la!

Once we got there both girls were a little overwhelmed at first but quickly got the idea with the help of some friends from RMcD. Yolanda picked a frog and Charlotte picked out a pink bear to stuff with fluff. Then they got to pick out clothes to dress their dolls all up.

After that it was back to the limo with our new firends and out for an early lunch to Joeys Only for fish and chips. Thank you to the Kinsmen and RMcD House for the fun day!

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