Monday, September 13, 2010

Aug 7th: Home for a rest

I’m hoping to get away with the old “a picture is worth a thousand words” bit. I have lots to share but no time to share it right now, I’m closing in on midnight now and I have not caught up with half of what I was hoping to.

Helping water the trees, "Some for you, some for me, some for you..."
I hope our doctor does not see these ones.... we have orders about not letting her out in the sun, the drugs she is on could make her skin break down in the sun, plus she is not supposed to have her "line" get wet, and Im pretty sure it was soaked in about two seconds. But it was so nice out while we were home and we had not been out all summer. Sigh.
Dont worry Dr. Lucy, she was only out this once and it was only really for like half an hour tops. Our time home really looked more like the picutres below...
Actually they look too sweet in that one... they looked more like the one below here! With all the snorkle and drool on the screen.

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