Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Update for the past two weeks!

I thought I had better drop a line to let everyone know we are still here! Since her stem cell harvest we have been busy. Charlotte had a hearing test that came back strong on Tuesday 18th, and then we were discharged to RMcD House for a couple of days. Chemotherapy started again that Thursday, we started out with the drug she had the terrible reaction to last time. She was put on 4 hours of hydration to open up her system a bit first and then the drug was administered over twice the amount of time. Things went well although it made for a looooong day; she did not finish her chemo that night until 1am. Day two of chemo went much quicker and we got a visit from the physiotherapy girls that had worked with her right after surgery. They were very impressed with her range of movements that have come back since then. We were given a list of things to try to get her to work on to try and strengthen her right side. She is still really favouring her left side (both her leg and her arm) but she CAN go through the range of motions needed.

Saturday 22 was day 2 of chemo; the drugs were all going well so I left Rob and Charlotte for a few hours and snuck out to my cousins wedding. It was beautiful, it was nice to be “out” and have something so wonderful to focus on for a change. Then Sunday the doctors were happy with how Charlotte was doing and we were discharged again. Since then she has been very low energy and grumpy in general. She is prone to having little angry fits for no reason; it’s hard to see our happy little sunshine in such a storm. She really has not been eating much lately either, that’s something we would really appreciate some concentrated prayers for. We have been threatened with a feeding tube several times now as her weight fluctuates around the 10kg point but she manages to squeak out another day each time. We were hoping having her sister her would perk her up.

Friday 28 Grandma and Grandpa brought up Yolanda, we were hoping that she could spend the week but things turned out differently. Sunday night Yolanda came down with a cold so we had to make arrangement to get her out as soon as possible** since Charlottes immune system is at rock bottom. Now we are on pins and needles watching Charlotte for any signs of sickness. Monday she had a long boring day in clinic (10am-5:30) getting a blood transfusion. That brings us up to today, she has a little more colour in her cheeks but is still not eating anything.

**Thank you so much to all involved for the extra driving! Mom, we are so sorry to hear about your car, I guess it was time for a new hood and grill!!

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  1. thanks for the update! we are praying :)