Sunday, June 13, 2010

Home for a Moment

We have been home for a few days! It has been a wonderful time to unwind with our family and to tie up some loose ends. Charlotte’s blood counts were not good enough to start her next round of chemo as scheduled. Unfortunately this means it will push back everything a few extra days...BUT!!! It meant that we got to sneak home! She should have started on Thursday 10th but is rescheduled for Monday 14th.

Backtracking a bit here... Charlotte thankfully never got Yolanda’s cold. The first week of June was fairly uneventful, lots of time spent in clinic waiting around for different things. One day we sent her blood samples away and two hours later our nurse phoned the lab to see what was taking so long... they had a fire drill! Once her counts were finally back they decided she did need a blood transfusion, so she was cross matched for that, and we waited some more until the blood showed up. Three hour transfusion, half hour monitoring afterwards... what started out to be a quick check-up that morning ended up being a full day, we were the last to leave the clinic.
She had a kidney test last week, and we are assuming that all is well since we have not heard otherwise. She also had a hearing test but was very uncooperative and we didn’t get a good reading. She does not seem to have any trouble with her hearing so far.

Here are a few pictures of our past few days... real grass under our toes, sure feels good.

We went to visit Charlottes Great Grandma, here she is playing in my Aunt and Uncles garden.

Shes looking a little pale and skinnier than her old self but still has quite a spark and big smiles for everyone.
Here she is with a teddy bear that her Oma and Opa won in a draw, did she ever light up when she saw him!


  1. Beautiful girl you have :) I love the picture of you and your girls. Must have been nice to be at home and all together again. We continue to pray and stand in Faith for all of you. God bless!!

  2. Michelle11:58 AM

    So glad that you were able to be home and that Charlotte is looking so good!
    You guys are in our prayers,
    Michelle and David Quinn (and Eskedar and Bereket)

  3. The picture of you and the girls made me cry! What a sweet and tender photo. I'm SOOOOOO glad you got to go home for a few days, be in a peaceful happy place, and see all the flowers and grass in your backyard that you've been missing! LOVE to you and your family!!!!! xoxoxoxox

  4. so happy to hear you could be home for a few days! what a blessing to have your family together :)

  5. Also, it's a good thing Charlotte can rock a hat!! She looks ADORABLE in that cap!