Saturday, June 19, 2010

June 19th Saturday: Another round of Chemo down

Finally off the drugs! We should (knock on wood) be discharged to RMcD house tomorrow. This round of drugs was wonderfully uneventful, besides the fact that we started late. She was scheduled to start this round on Thursday 10th but her blood counts were not strong enough. We were more than happy to sneak home for a few days with the intention of getting started on Monday 14th. When her blood was checked on Monday we were delayed even longer in hope that she would be stronger by Wednesday... if we had known that Monday was in question we could have likely got her blood tested at home and stayed a couple of extra days. Sigh, but now we know for next time, if we get that chance again that is!

We brought Yolanda back with us this time; the girls both had fun playing at the house here while we were still waiting to hear when Charlotte could start. Once we were admitted we sent her out to stay with her Oma and Opa in Bragg Creek. She sure has fun there with her Aunties and Uncles. Hopefully we will get her back tomorrow for a few days before Charlottes emotional and physical thunderstorms hit (usually by day 7.)

We had a little trouble with Charlotte’s magnesium levels today being too low. Two IV bolus shots later and the Doctors were still not really happy with it. So we have added yet another oral drug to her repertoire ... let’s see I think that makes 7 different ones she gets-on top of all the crap that goes through her IVs. To make it worse she getting smarter and more persistent with not taking her oral meds; she has figured out how to block her lips closed with her tongue, flail her arms in front of her face and do various head thrashing movements all at once. Fun.

Well, it’s my night at the hospital so I better wrap this up........wish us luck for a good nights sleep! Allison

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  1. thanks so much for the udate Allison! I think of you so often, and now the kids have started to pray for Charlotte as they see her pic in so many stores in town. Thank you for your bright light of love of your family and life itself. Love the Hepher Family