Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 24th Thursday: Fun at RMcD House

Up until yesterday (June 28th) things have been going well for this round of chemo. But I will get to that in another post later. Back to June 24th. Charlotte has been eating a bit on and off and her weight is a little more balanced than the past rounds. She has her “dragon” days but she also has been having some pretty good days. We are very encouraged because she is learning some new words and has put together her first sentence! It is so clear that even the nurses understand it...”I don’t want it!” Usually it’s in regards to having her blood pressure taken, or medicine.

The weather has been quite nice here and we have gotten out for a couple of nice long walks. We have also been having fun at the RMcD House. One fun thing to share is that we (I mean she) got to go into the Magic Room! For those who have not visited us here.... here is door that we see every day.

We were (I mean she was) very excited to get a trip in there, it’s a special room used to lift the kids spirits and give them a treat. Typically the kids are allowed in there after a big medical procedure, or on their birthdays. Inside is a magical little world, beautiful murals on the walls, special little windows with vignettes to explore, a fancy throne fit for a queen... and a really big key to unlock a secret door. We were (I mean she... who am I kidding, I was totally enthused) so excited for a trip in there, behind the secret door there was a miniature Toyland, there was one of everything a kid could want. Charlotte picked out a little purple Dora the Explorer backpack that folds out into a chair, and it had some dress up clothes inside, she was pretty thrilled with it. She was so cute packing it around the rest of the day.
Here is one of our new friends we have made here, “Sully” from Monsters Inc movie stands guard at the top of the stairs. Every morning on our way down we have to stop and give him a little pat.

Here she is being silly with the floor vents, she and Yolanda discovered this trick one day-it sure makes everyone laugh. She knows she is cute.

Sitting out in the sun on the steps of the RMcD House. We wanted so badly to spend time with Yolanda but she had a sniffle that just would not go away and since Charlottes immunity was decreasing every day we just could have her too close- yet again. Here we are waiting for a ride back to Cranbrook for her. We were so sad to see her go but it would be even worse if Charlotte got her cold. Hopefully things will pick up for her soon.
I was hoping to get two posts done tonight but its way past bedtime already so we will have to save the current stuff for another day. Please keep Charlotte in your prayers specifically for her not to be sick-we were admitted yesterday with a fever but it seems to have come down already. So we are back in the hospital for a few days at least while they test her. Thanks, Love Allison
ps. if you click on any of the picutres it should open it up larger for you to see

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