Tuesday, November 01, 2011

September 6th Tuesday: Yolandas first day of school

First day of school pictures....I cant believe how fast time had gone, Yolanda has grown up so much this year. Here she is ready for Kindergarten!
 We were out enjoying the super warm September as much as we could... I know that the blog has been quite bare of "health details" I guess since she has been doing so well its easiest to put in the back of our minds and just enjoy each day. Charlotte had a great summer. Her health over the summer was very stable. We saw a slight decrease in the usage of her right hand, but its hard to measure since it was not being used very much anyways. Her weight gain was slow and steady, eating still seemed to be a bit of a struggle- one area that always causes grief! We saw Charlotte's energy levels decreasing a little at the end of the summer, if we had a really busy day (like her birthday party) she was typically wiped out the next day. That was still very manageable and we were able to take that in stride. Our family was very blessed with the amount of support we had, allowing us to stay home and savour every moment. We took it fairly easy, enjoyed many days just sitting in the back yard, playing in the kiddie pool and eating Popsicles. We took our one big trip to Kelowna and Vernon and other than that just let people come to visit us here.

I enjoy the following trio of pictures... blleeeech, yucky chalk!

 They make me laugh... and here she is, regained her cool and looking oh so cute!

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