Sunday, November 27, 2011

October 31st: Halloween

 Charlotte wanted to be a kitty this year, and Yolanda... a dragon. Surprise, no! What was a surprise was that there were no dragon costumes to be found anywhere. Of course she was hoping for a particular dragon (Toothless from how to train your dragon) so I went shopping around at the thrift stores and found this hoodie, navy blue with silver sparkles- perfect. Then I just had to make it look like a dragon. After spending way too much time at the sewing matching we had something suitable. Unfortunately we didn't get very good pictures of her in the full get up, wings, tail, and all.
 I was feeling bad about how much time I put into Yolanda's costume and all we were doing was slapping a pair of ears on Charlotte... So I found some fuzzy sparkly fabric and made her a little skirt with a tail and fuzzy shoe covers to make her feet look like paws. Unfortunately by Halloween night she was not in any mood to dress up and did not enjoy her costume much.
 Not wanting to go out in the cold too much we only trick or treated the 10 houses directly around ours- just so that Yolanda could feel like she got out a little in her costume.

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  1. LOVE Yolanda's costume Allison! great job! you are so very creative :)