Sunday, June 26, 2011

***THE PINK CAR*** A work in progress

For those of you who have not heard.... Charlotte and Yolanda are getting a PINK car. Not just any pink car either! Their daddy has been working some long hours to make this car come to life. We have met some wonderful hardworking people on this crazy endeavour who have been an immense help.  Seriously, who wants to clean car parts Friday night! (Thank you to everyone who has dropped by to help out!) It all started with Robs old Coronet car project, he was tossing around ideas for how he plans on painting it one day... and the girls kept telling him it should be PINK, pink pink. So with that in the back of his mind and waaay too many hours spent on his phone while he has tied up with nothing to do during our hospital stays this past year, he found a (to him) reasonable sounding old car restoration project, that could be pink. A ‘70s Dodge Charger. (That’s the same car that the Duke Brothers drive in the old TV show.) So here are a few pictures of what they have been up to so far. We are hoping to have it running to do a couple of little road trips this summer... so if you are bored hanging out in Cranbrook with nothing better to do Friday (or any) night, you know who call!
Charlotte seems quite happy with how the car is already.
Who needs an engine when you have a dad to push your car around?

Panther Pink

Enough pink to make a Barbie nauseous!

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  1. I love it! That car is absolutely, the most perfect shade of pink, EVER! have fun with it!