Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 16th Thursday: Disney World

I have so many pictures from our trip to Florida that I will break them into themed blog posts. There will be much more to come, and hopefully some more journaling too- but for now I hope that some pictures will tell our story well enough!
The Magic Kingdom was fun. We got to see Rapunzel who was the one princess that was on the top of each of the girl’s hit list. (She is from the latest Disney princess movie, Tangled.) Unfortunately she was the last princess we saw and Charlotte had just fallen asleep during the ‘It’s a small world’ ride and did not want to wake up. (Charlotte does not wake up nicely... remember, we call her the dragon for a reason.) We also got to see some of the other princesses, these were the only people in costume that the girls were not too afraid of. I guess the mascot type costumes were too scary. It was a very nice perk to have a button for Charlotte that showed she was on her Wish trip, we just had to flash it and they brought us to the front of every line up... in front of people who had been waiting hours to see the attractions. Her button granted us free parking and a double stroller rental, and it let us into a special quiet lounge, just for the Make a Wish families. We were very taken care of.

Sleeping Beauty, she was one of the best princesses for her acting in character.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast


Two happy suckers, I mean girls.

Belle also visited us at GKTW where we stayed, she played her part so well. This was Robs favourite princess.

Watching the parade.
 Unfortunately the day so hot (like 38-40 degrees) so we were poking in and out of aircon areas a lot, I didn’t realize it at first but that was wreaking havoc with my camera lens fogging up... so I was a little disappointed with my pictures.
Prince Eric and Ariel, the Little Mermaid

Cinderellas fountain
Here we were in the Make A Wish lounge in Disney world, what a welcomed relief! A whole quiet, peaceful, air conditioned room in the middle of the Magic Kingdom craziness. The girls were so hot and tired after lunch, this gave us a wonderful little spot to recharge... and jump around?

They had so much fun jumping on the pillows, and dancing on the rug- its a charachter from Aladdin.

Trying to show the line up at 'Its a small world' we got to skip right through with Charlotte's button!

The line continued around and behind that whole white building
Yolanda and Grandpa

On the 'small world' boat, it was not just Charlotte who fell asleep during this ride!

Charlotte waving at the singing dolls.

Rapunzel and a sleeping beauty in one picture!
Thank you to Make-A-Wish, Give Kids the World and Disney for making this day happen.

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