Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 11th Saturday: Make a Wish ... and Squeaky Shoes

Wow, time has flown. We have been having fun, not really DOING a whole lot... but keeping busy. Our big news/distraction has been getting Charlotte's Wish started. We asked Make A Wish if they would send us on a fun Sea World adventure. Well, we are gearing up for a week long treat at Give Kids the World in Orlando. We get to spend time at Sea World and meet some princesses at Disney World.
Our Make a Wish Package arrived!

Wow, were we spoiled or what!

Gnome Hats from Disney's Gnomeo movie

We got hats, backpacks and tee shirts.

I didn't get all of it in the picture but they also each got a special "Make a Wish" barbie and a stuffed animal!
We haven't even left on our wish trip and we were spoiled... Thanks Make a Wish!

Aaaannndd..... here's a cute little show we filmed today. I picked up Charlotte a new pair of shoes at Bumble Tree for our trip... With Squeakers in them! She had a pair like this a year ago but I took the squeakers out before I gave them to her. After watching this video you will understand why... but now its too late, she is hooked, she loves them so much that she would not let us take them off tonight. So, yes, she is sleeping in her crib... with her shoes on.

I think maybe tomorrow I will have to take ONE of the squeakers out, then maybe the other the next day and tell her they got broken. Could you imagine having to listen to this while touring Sea World?
Haha, too fun.

I have a new friend down in the states who's daughter is fighting a similar tumour to Charlotte, she is a beautiful writer and I feel like some days I just want to copy and paste her whole blog here... she writes things that I feel like they came from my own heart about my daughter. Please keep little Kate in your prayers beside Charlotte. Here is something I have copied and re-worded from her blog.
Thank you to those who continue to pray for our family. Those who have tangibly sought to help our family during this life shaking year. Oh how I hope you will have a front row seat to seeing God miracle in Charlotte's little body..... please keep praying for it.
We feel so grateful for all the support for our family and friends. So many kind gestures and offers, thank you Cranbrook for everything you have done.  I just don't know how to express a gratitude of this magnitude.


  1. Megan8:41 AM

    Sorry I missed you at the Bumble Tree! Would've loved to see you guys! How great that organizations like Make a Wish are there! You guys deserve to be spoiled! I hope your trip is wonderful! Thinking of you all the time and still hoping for a miracle!

  2. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Kate who? Kate McRae?
    Glad to see so many smiles in the photos! Have a great time on your Wish trip!

    Tara Brown

  3. Anonymous3:44 PM

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    Great results coming out of their Academy for cancer victims. It may be worth a call ..treatment is done with a Rife Machine...Have a great much deserved family holiday and speedy wishes going your way for Charlotte!