Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 30th Wednesday: Feeling a little better

Charlotte's looking a little better today... especially after a pink Popsicle to add colour to her lips! She is on TPN now, nutrients through her IV line, giving her an extra 800 calories per day. She was only eating about 500 calories a day this week so this is giving her a huge burst in energy. The downfall is that the TPN runs over 24hours... and Charlotte didn't slow down until midnight last night. She was up and playing and being silly, way too much energy for the middle of the night! Then she slept until 3am... and then fussed until I finally got her up at 5:30. Once we were sitting up in the chair with the TV we both were able to catch a few zzzs. Then the problem was that her oxygen tube never stayed in place so the alarm kept ringing saying that she wasn't getting enough oxygen. But she seems to still be having quite a good day, despite the lack in sleep.

She still needs the full oxygen blowing by to keep her levels up. So until that is gone we will not have a going home date. Plus we are waiting to hear from infectious disease about when they think she can leave. We have been told to expect around a two week stay in hospital. So we are almost halfway there!

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