Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 23rd Wednesday:Squeezing in a party

Yolanda has been planning on having a Fancy Nancy birthday party for a couple of months now, she will be five on April 1. (EEEK, when did that happen?) Everything was becoming birthday focused, each day as she got dressed she would point out what she planned to wear for her party. For those who don't know Fancy Nancy she is a little girl who will stop at nothing to make everything look fancy.
 I had started to collect a few things planning for a fancy birthday party awhile ago but since we were renovating at the same time everything was stored in a bin out in the garage and we couldn't find it.

Yolanda's cousin Trinity surprised us with a visit so I thought it was a good time to have a little party. That night as I was falling asleep I made a mental list of some things that I needed to pick up for the party. Rob was also going full blast on the renos and had a friend and my dad lined up to help... so I had little bigger lunch planned for them. That days renos consisted of hauling old wood chips out of the attic to get ready to put new insulation in... an extremely gross and dusty job. (It also made my house extremely gross and dusty since the bags had to be hauled downstairs through the house.)
Then at about 2am Charlotte started the whole not breathing thing... for the rest of those details read Fridays post. Anyways Rob took to her to the hospital emergency with the instructions for me to call his helpers in the morning to put the work on hold. I got back to sleep sometime after 3am, after the nurse called to give me an update on Charlotte.
That morning I was up early to give the hospital a call, and to call off Robs help. I had thought about telling Yolanda that we would have her party another day... but she woke up singing about how beautiful her party was going to be. She was spinning in circles singing "Its going to be my beautiful party, its going to be so fancy." UH OH! How could I cancel it now! All year so much has been about Charlotte, now she gets one little moment and I cancel it because of Charlotte, not fair at all! So I sucked it up and went ahead with it. Luckily my Mom stopped by and I delegated a trip to the dollar store for a couple of decorations. I was able to zip out to the grocery store once Rob and Charlotte got home because she needed milk for her cereal. I ran around the store picking up stuff for lunch and the party. Not having a cake planned I thought we would do Fancy Nancy style parfaits... three colours of ice cream, whipped cream, sprinkles, cherries and bananas. Kept it simple since there was just the three girls.
I was so glad Cheryl stopped by early to help out to... took the glamorous job of doing the lunch dishes off my plate. (I know, so punny.) The party was pretty short and sweet, perfect since we were exhausted, but it seemed to satisfy the need for an official party.

Yolanda was thrilled with her gifts, even the Rapunzel gift bag was a big hit.
Here is what was going on in the living room shortly after the party.
The renos were finished in time, at least the part that REALLY needed to be done. Thanks to everyone who helped out. The day we left for Calgary the guys were coming in to insulate... we left Robs sister in charge and have not been back since! Thanks to everyone who has been cleaning up our mess and taking care of us, we really appreciate it!


  1. Anonymous7:16 PM

    So nice to see pictures, Happy Birthday to Miss Yolanda! Both of you are doing a great job, parenting both your little girls under very trying circumstances. Keep hangin' in there! You are in our prayers, and that of so many others, I know. I can tell that you have a wonderful network of family and friends! We're similarly blessed, and it never fails to amaze me how many people care and go out of their way to help.

    God bless you all,
    The Fahlman's

  2. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Sorry I missed Yolanda's 5th birthday !! I'm so glad you were able to have a great birthday party, she's such a darling !! Hope and pray you can go home soon with Charlotte in better health again. We keep you in our prayers, with all our love, Roselyne and family