Friday, March 25, 2011

March 24th Thursday: Emergency trip up to Calgary

Unfortunatly we are back in calgary.

Monday she started having a hhard time catching her breath after a cry, as long as she was calm there was no trace on anything out of the ordinaryy.
Tuesday it was a little more pronounced, carrying on a little longer. Her breath was really shallow and rapid and if it went on too long she started coughing... and if she coughed too long then she started gagging. Her forehead felt a little warm, but our thermometer read that she did not have a fever.

Wednesday morning at 2 am she was trying to sleep and even being calm could not catch her breath, she was quite warm to the touch as well. So Rob took her into emergency in Cranbrook around 3. They took her temperature with their thermometer and it read that she had a really high fever! (We are now on the hunt for a better themomerter.) So they gave her some tylenol to bring down the fever, started an antibiotic to cover her in case its caused by an infection of some sort, and some fluids to help hydrate her a bit. They were sent home by 9am. The rest of the day went fairly well for her, a few more episodes after she cried but nothing more than that. (The rest of the day was a little insane for us, we were trying to fit in a years worth of events- including renovations and a small birthday party for my soon to be 5 year old Yolanda.)

Thursday morning around 5 am it started again, not catching her breath at all. She was breathing so fast we could not even keep up to count her breaths per minute. I took her into emerg, her oxygen was fairly low so we started her on oxyygen. She got her next dose of antibiotics. They were not sure why her breathiing was doing such funny things so we did a chest xray to see if there was any hint of pneumonia... and they thought possibly there could be, maybe. At about that point we were told that we should plan on heading up to the Childrens hospital in Calgary.

It sounded like we could take our time and they would admit her tonight. Thhen she had one of her screaming fits which dropped her oxygen levels and made everyone panic. Next plan was that we were going up in an ambulance. Then the doctor came by again after talking to the doctors in Calgary, ... who decided we should change the plan again. Now we were to fly up to Calgary with STARS. Now Rob and I are not sure how much we should be stressing about any of this, because once she calms down again she goes back to normal. (We are still not sure how serious this is.) Our poor nurse who was arranging our transport... Organize for ambulance, cancel ambulance, call for air transport... OH WAIT! no one is flying in or out of calgary today because of the freezing rain... ok, cancel air transpot, call for ambulance. Whats that? All the ambulances in the area are busy you say? Request and ambulance from Fernie then, they will be an hour and a half, ok sounds good. She started arranging for our transport around 8am we didnt leave until 3pm. How urgent were we- we are still not sure!

Fianlly we are getting somewhere!
Riding in the jump seat, with her fraggle puppet to keep her company.

Snacking on cinnamon buns from the hospital
Cranbrook docs thought she might have the start of pneumonia or something.. but here they are not so sure, they are running a whole battery of tests tonight and hopefully something will come up. Our night doctor had a couple of widely varying hypothesis.

We will try and keep everyone up dated the best we can, our info is contradicting and confused at best... plus I am trying to type with a splint on my index finger... sorry if all my letters and words are jumbled... or my thoughts, they are feeling jumbled at this moment as well.

Love Allison


  1. Oh Allison and Rob!! I am so sorry to hear that! Little Charlotte is dear to my heart! We pray that every thing will be ok!!

  2. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Praying like crazy! Hang in there, hope you get more information soon.

    God bless,
    The Fahlmans

  3. Anonymous10:44 AM

    We keep praying hard for Charlotte and for you too, wish we were closer to help, much love from France, Roselyne and family

  4. Shauna Sullivan11:30 AM

    Get Well soon sweet Charolette!!!! Hang in there Allison and Rob.


  5. Kevin and Delaine4:25 PM

    Thanks for the update. We are praying.