Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 15th: Magic Room visit

Charlotte is on a pineapple binge! Here she is sharing a bite with Grandpa.

She is particular though, it must be cut teeny tiny and served with a toothpick.

A trip to the Magic Room to celebrate her halfway through radiation day.

A princess with a gift as big as she is!

You can see how fast her hair fell out this time, the pictures with Grandpa were taken on the 13th then the Magic Room pictures were taken on the 15th! This last one she has her valentines day sock... she put all her chocolates in here to cary around. She even insisted on taking it to bed with her. But then we forgot to take it away once she fell asleep... woke up to find some melted chocolatey jammies in morning. She did smell good though! Like waking up with a fresh chocolate chip cookie.

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