Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 10th Thursday: Pets at RMD house

A few fun pictures to up... The house had some pets in for an evening for the kids to play with.

Charlotte LOVES bunnies, I'm not sure why or how this came about. She calls them 'hop hops' which is also what she calls pancakes. (We make them bunny shaped to encourage her to eat.) She was pretty happy to see this one, too shy to pet it much, but really enjoyed watching him. She talked about it for days afterwards, if we prompted her with did you like the pets? We got a big smile with a nod and a little voice that said "hop hop."

You can see here that she is starting to lose her hair again. It was a bit of a shock how fast it fell out this time! With chemo it took 7 months of thinning before it all came out, with radiation it was completely gone within a week- except for a tiny little patch on the back that stubbornly held on for an extra week. Now it is all gone except for a little fringe of fuzz around her face. But the morning it started to fall out it was crazy! It was totally 'in' not even shedding a little, she went under and had her treatment and by the time she was waking up there was four big clumps of hair on her pillow.

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