Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 12: just a few picutres

This girl is amazing... less than 24 hours out of surgery and she has such sweet little smiles for us.

Here she is showing off her right hand movement. High Five!

I'm not sure what this game was all about but it got her laughing.

Today went quite smoothly for Charlotte, we got moved out of ICU and over to our "regular" unit around noon. Charlotte is still on morphine, we tried cutting it back but she seemed to get quite agitated so it was bumped back up. We will take it down slower tomorrow with more Tylenol. She was generally happy all day, very tired though, she has not picked up as quickly as she did with the last surgery. It was a bigger operation this time, they opened up nearly as much as with her April surgery.
Things are moving quickly to get radiation started, we were told it usually takes 4 weeks to set up. Now our oncologist is saying that she hopes we will be started by next week. There is a lot to do to make that happen, a couple of extra CT and MRI scans, mapping her brain, making her a mask. Our doctor was originally saying we would get to go home for a few days, but with the "to do" list she rattled off I'm not sure how it will get done in time for next week.

Another short post for today..... thank you all for your prayers for our family
good night


  1. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Still praying. Dale & Cheryl

  2. Anonymous8:52 AM

    That game must be a "daddy/daughter" sort of thing. My husband has certain games like that for our son that work for them and not for me. As long as they are happy and smiling, that is all that matters.

    She looks really good by the way, considering she has had 3 brain surgeries! She is a fighter! Best of luck with radiation and the rest of her therapies and treatments.

    You are a trooper too Allison! I dont think I could be as strong as you and go through all this with a child. Stay strong and positive!


  3. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Thankyou so much for the this blog Rob and Allision...bye the way Rob you look real cute with a binky(soother) in your mouth

  4. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Hi Al,

    I'm glad Charlotte's surgery went well and that her doctors seem to be rapidly developing a Charlotte-focused care plan! While I know that you guys didn't expect to be back in Calgary, it sounds like you have a whole team of professionals doing everything they can for your family.

    All four of you are in my thoughts. Stay strong, be brave, and watch for the signs (as my mom used to say!)

    Alisson W.

  5. Nat Amsing12:44 PM

    Dear family,
    We are praying strongly for Charlotte and for you all. Be encouraging by the Holy Spirit of God during these times.
    Faithfully yours,
    Nathanaƫl, Lucie, Noam and Evan AMSING in France

  6. Lena Kowalski4:16 PM

    Hi Rob and Allison: This morning Pastor Phil at Jubilee Christian Centre told us in the ladies prayer meeting about little Charlotte. We prayed for her healing and although I am not a Pastor, I would be willing to come over to Ronald McDonald House to pray with you and with her if it is possible. You can contact me at (403)7205835. I live in NW Calgary so I'm not far away. BE encouraged, nothing is impossible with God.
    In His Love,
    Lena (Lee) Kowalski