Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 11...later on

Charlotte's out of surgery and resting in ICU. She did well (and so did her team of doctors and nurses) Time was all a blur today so I'm not even sure how long her surgery was... it was longer than last time I'm sure. By 9 or maybe 9:30 in ICU she was making a few little words and giving us the yes or no to what she wanted. She got a couple of balloons that she really enjoyed playing with and even made the attempt to grab at them with her right hand! She was able to lift her whole arm right off the bed and swat the balloon string so we were all encouraged about the range of motion that she will be able to recover.Tonight will be long, listening to the monitors beep. She is hooked up to about a thousand things that check her every wiggle which makes her really mad- especially the IV lines in her left hand.

Doctors think that they got about 90% or so of the tumour that they could see, but we will not really know until her next scan -likely on Thursday.

*And just because friends have already been asking...I must say that we have not yet seen her stitches... Im almost expecting them to be done up with rainbow thread or spelling something out, after all the fuss there was last time. The bandage is stapled down pretty good though so we probably wont see them until tomorrow or the next day.

But now its time for bed... at least to rest if not sleep.

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