Monday, October 18, 2010

September 29th Wednesday: Gearing up for a busy week.

We didn’t waste any time after being discharged, had our room packed and cleaned, and were on the road by the next morning. We had a lot on our minds about the coming week. Charlottes MRI and hearing test were scheduled for Thursday Oct 7th and then her central line removal was booked for Tuesday October 12th. We finally had a day to look forwards to. This could be our day for a little closure on all this. Even after we were sent home it just didn’t feel like we were done and we were hoping that taking out her line would signal that: no more line care, flushing it or dressing changes, she could freely bath again, no more safety kit in the diaper bag, we would not be so cautious picking her up- nothing to snag on!
We were a bit disappointed that they could not have scheduled everything during the same trip up but we were excited to have it done so it didn’t really matter. In the midst of all this I was to be in my friend Abbey’s wedding on October 9th. So my mind was on showers and bachelorette parties with snacks to make, costumes to put together, gifts to wrap, cards to write, a speech to write-and rehearse, rehearsals for the wedding, hair to do, and more friends coming to town to visit with. It was going to be a wonderful diversion and something different to concentrate on.

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