Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October27th Wednesday: Posting from ICU waiting room

Just wanted to let everyone know that Charlotte had surgery today at 1:30. Her nurosurgeon said that she did well, and we are just waiting to see her now... another 10 min or so. They opened a much smaller area so healing should be a lot easier on her this time. He said that the tumour lookes like it may have changed a little, but since it was so small it was hard to tell. Im not sure what that will mean for her. We will have to wait for news to come back from pathology in a couple of days.... more waiting I guess.


Charlotte is out and doing well, she went into this surgery in a much better state than she did the first one so things do not seem quite as crazy. By 7:00 she was already telling us what she wanted, mostly water and for the nurses to leave her sight. We read a couple of her favourite books, she was rubbing her left hand over the textured-touchy pages, a little akward since its all boarded up for her IV line. Poor thing has two extra IV lines in, one in her left hand (her dominent hand now) and one in her foot. We were not impressed to see this since she has a central line with two accesses as to avoid all the extra pokes. Plus there were poke marks on her right had as though they tried to put a line in there but could not hit a vein. But I guess thats a small deal for someone who went through brain surgery.

 By the time I left them tonight her eye was starting to swell... she will probably be quite puffy by tomorrow. Last time it was too horrific to take a picture of her for the first couple of days, it was not something that I wanted to remember... but I do remember clearly. I hope since the incision was smaller she will not look as bad. Rob is staying tonight, he said the first night of sleep was my birthday gift! Oh goody, just what I always wanted... although under these circomstances its a pretty good gift. It was pretty crappy that my baby needed brain surgery on my birthday. But it would have been crappy on any other day anyways!

Well I'm off to cash in on my gift of sleep.

Thank you all for standing with us during this time.


  1. Anonymous6:33 PM

    We don't know one another but share the same Father! We are standing with you in prayer and fasting on behalf of Charlotte and believing in His amazing grace and compassion. May His name be Glorified in the midst of your journey. We wanted you to know that our school is also praying and standing with you. May you experience His Peace.

  2. Anonymous5:51 AM

    Thanks for sharing this Allison. I can't imagine how hard this is for all of you. but know that many people are praying for complete healing and I personally, am holding God accountable for this, as He has promised this in His word. Please, do not lose Faith.