Friday, October 15, 2010

September 20th Monday: A clinic visit that lasted a week!

We had a clinic appointment at 9:00am and were put in the isolation room because of her cough. (She has had a chronic cough since the last round of drugs so we were not usually concerned about it. Today they decided it sounded a bit worse.) After her blood work came back they decided to give her both blood and platelets, so we waited while that was ordered and brought in. She also needed a new inseflon poked in her arm- for the G-CSF drugs that we give her- that needs changed every 5 days, so that was done in the meantime. During her blood transfusion she spiked a little fever, which is fairly normal and usually goes away. We had so much going on that they closed the clinic around us and we got temporarily transferred into the main unit. Blood finally finished up around 7:30 but her fever was still climbing, by the time it reached 39.1 the Doctor on call officially admitted us. We were set up in an actual room and they started her on two different antibiotics.
Her fever stayed high for 4 more days, getting as high as 40.3-even with using Tylenol regularly. Her neck glands swelled up so much that at one point our doctors were convinced she had mumps. She didn’t eat much and her cough got so bad that it broke blood vessels in her eye. Her eye looked pretty scary, and when she saw it in the mirror she cried and held her hand up to block herself from seeing it. It really stressed her out, poor little girl.
They took X-rays three different times; she ended up with pneumonia so they were keeping an eye on her lungs. Once the mumps were ruled out by blood tests and a flu virus tested positive her antibiotics were changed around and she started improving.
What a stressful week that was, we were happy to be discharged on the 28th and told we could head home. (Home, home.) Yahoo! Yahoo!
Getting a hair cut... we was not too enthusiastic!

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