Tuesday, January 03, 2012

December 21st-25th: Christmas Holiday

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our friends. I hope that everyone enjoyed the holiday. here are just a couple of pictures from Christmas. We knew that we would not be able to plan ahead this year but we were glad how everything worked out. On Wednesday the 21st we decided that Charlotte, and the rest of us, were stable and feeling strong enough to do a trip up to Bragg Creek for two nights. Thank you to everyone who re-arranged their schedules to help make that work out for us! We were glad that we got to sneak in a visit with Dr. Lucie and a few of our nurses at the Children's Hospital, we have not been back there since May! We were also lucky enough to have a little visit with Robs grandparents from Telkwa who were visiting in Calgary. We spent two nights and the girls got thoroughly spoiled! We took it fairly easy and enjoyed having some extra hands (aunties and uncles) to help keep the girls entertained.
 We headed back to Cranbrook on the 24th and were spoiled with great food and family again. Yolanda had fun learning to play battleship with Grandpa, she had some wonderful tactic- like one boat accidentally hanging over the edge of the grid! The girls were very spoiled with gifts from everyone. Charlotte has quite the collection of stuffed kitties now!
 Boxing day came and we caught up on some rest, Charlotte slept most of the day and was much more bearable after that. You can see in the pictures here that the steroids are catching up to her a little, her cute little cheeks are puffing up a bit. With that also comes a short temper. For the most though she had a pretty good holiday. She learned that she can push the boundaries more and more and get away with things which is pretty frustrating for us. She knows that we will dance on our heads or rearrange the stars if she screams loud enough for long enough... something she is willing to do. Her taste seems to be changing again too, she has such odd preferences its hard to plan ahead. For quite awhile it has been Kraft Dinner and hotdogs, then over Christmas she discovered shrimp. Once I went out a bought a whole bunch of shrimp she has changed her mind... right now its just chocolates for breakfast, pickled asparagus and noodles with parmesan cheese for lunch and dinner and copious amounts of Chai tea to drink throughout the day.

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    what cute little cheeks!