Thursday, July 07, 2011

June 15th to 20th: The Ice Cream Palace

We had so much fun on Charlottes Make a Wish trip. One of the highlights at GKTW was the Ice Cream Palace. As much ice cream as you can eat, with all the toppings, as often as you want... open all day long. Is that right out of every kids day dreams or what! Plus is served up in a fantastic palace that looks like a glorious pile of ice cream treats.
Here is a couple of stock pictures that GKTW sent us on a disk... They had photographers at all the fun events to take pictures, then they sort them by villa number and burn everyone a copy when they check out. Plus we got pictures of all the different buildings with no random people walking in front. Im sure that I never saw the palace empty like the picture below!
MMMMmmm! Half ice cream half whipped cream, load on the sprinkles. Great!
HHHMmmm. Whats that you have there Daddy? Milkshake hey? Well, don't mind if I do!
MMmmm, yep that ones pretty good too!
 Pink ice cream in a bowl.
 Green ice cream in a cone.
 Three cheers for ice cream!
 Charlotte caught swiping her dads milkshake, AGAIN!


  1. Brandy Cowden10:06 PM

    These shots have brought a smile to my face this afternoon. I am Jenn's(Tyler) sister-in-law and I have read the entire blog and I am in love with your family. The girls look right at home enjoying their ice cream and you are all in my thoughts even though we are so far away in Japan.

  2. Kevin & Delaine8:48 AM

    Love the pictures! Have been thinking about your family. Thanks for the update. You are being upheld in prayer.