Thursday, July 07, 2011

June 15th to 20th: The Enchanted Carousel

Here we are on the Enchanted Carousel at Give Kids the World Village. We really didn't even have to leave the village to go to Disney World... Everything we needed was right here! We must have gone on the carousel two or three times a day, usually right after supper but before we stopped for ice cream. Tough life hey? There will be more pictures of GKTW coming... I'm just having a hard time narrowing down my favourites to show off here.
This was one of the only pictures we got of our whole family... with either me or my mom behind the camera we didn't get many shots of our whole group. We were so lucky that Grandma and Grandpa came with us, it sure made our trip easier and more enjoyable!
Sometimes we had to ride right after breakfast too... actually any time it was open and we walked by one girl or the other usually asked. Yolandas favourite to ride was the green Sea Horse, Charlotte tried a couple by herself but decided that she liked to ride with Grandpa on the snail the best.

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