Friday, May 07, 2010

Update from our scare

Just a quick update…
Our scare on her last chemo session has calmed down (in our minds) at least for now. After the dust settled and our doctors had a chance to review everything we were given some options. They are thinking that it was less likely an allergic reaction and more likely Hypotension that was brought on by the drug. This is based on the fact that she responded so quickly once they took her off the drug. Hypotension decreases her blood pressure scary fast but because that was the only thing that looked wrong it’s likely that. If it had been a true allergic reaction her heat would have gone crazy too and she would have needed more drugs to enable her to have come around so fast.

So now where does that put us? We will still likely be able to use this drug for her future sessions. Which is good because this is the drug used in all the studies, they didn’t really know what they would do if we could not use it. There isn’t another drug that would exactly replace what this one does, so that would leave the outcome of the whole treatment a little unpredictable. I guess this drug is known for causing hypotension if it is administered into the system too fast. In an adult it is administered over half an hour, so for a little one they put the dose in over an hour. For Charlotte’s next treatment they plan to administer it over two hours with constant vital checks. I guess we know how quickly she can recover from this, so even if something went wrong again it would likely be noticed even sooner and counteracted faster. We don’t expect that to happen at all though.

So we were discharged (as far as the Ronald McDonald House) Monday night and Yolanda was able to make it up her on Tuesday. It has been great to have the girls together again; they have been having so much fun together here in all the playrooms.
I thought I should give a quick update on the outcome of our scare, but now it’s off to bed!

Have a great weekend everyone,

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  1. Well that's good news...I mean, as far as anything right now is "good"! BUT I am super glad the whole fam-dam is together again, at least for a little while!! LOVE TO ALL YOU GUYS!! xoxoxoxo (that's one for each of you!)